Let's face yourself
with lookMe!

Easy and intuitive 3-step operation

Knowing yourself is a pretty important part of life

A study by Tasha Eulick, a researcher in organizational psychology who studies self-reflection, found that 95% of people think they know who they are, but only between 10% and 15% actually understand who they are.

People who have clear guidelines on how to act based on their understanding of what they want will be more satisfied with their life and more able to focus on their work.

  • 1

    When you make a decision, you don't want to be influenced by others

  • 2

    Look back on yourself regularly to see how you've changed and grown

  • 3

    No more regrets and anxiety, and a greater sense of satisfaction with your life

Applying the University of New Mexico's research on value card lists

The app incorporates values that have been found useful by research, so you can face yourself with peace of mind.

It's also a great way for teams to get to know each other better.